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a. Breast Care
Bust Maintenance Treatment
Massage to clear the blockage of the meridian, promote blood circulation and prevent breast cancer.

Lymphatic Bust Detoxification
Stimulates lymphatic flow for better drainage, firms and tones bust, encourages breast size growth, and improves blood circulation.

Energy Booster Breast Treatment
Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, breast detoxification and improve elasticity and firmness.

Botanical Firming Up Treatment
This special formula is a blend of 100% pure botanical extract. With gentle massage the function is to helps to drain out the toxins which stagnated around the breast, moisturizes and firms skin rapidly, help to balance hormone and delaying menopause.

Botanical Volume Up Treatment
For regeneration cell growth. This special blended formula contains a mixture of all 100% extracted ingredients from the plants. The function of the mixture is to help the product performance effectively, it helps to re-generate the growth of mammary gland and re-productive ovum, as well as to increased the size of the bust, smooth and brighten the skin complexion, elastic touch, balance hormone, delay menopause & etc.

b. Uterus Care
Intense Postpartum Body Treatment
Increases circulation and lowers stress hormones, improves postpartum hormone balance, decreased swelling and improve sleeping quality.

c. Postnatal Care
Hormone Balancing Treatment
Improves breast & hips elasticity and firmness, Nourishes and generates the uterus,
Prevention of breast cancer & female diseases ,Improves skin elastic and shiny, Promote metabolism, Releases emotional stress, Reduces menopause symptoms, Nourishes and generates the uterus.