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How can I improve my skin condition?

Satisfied customer shares his experience
C.K. Lee, 28
Experienced skin problems for 5 years

“My outdoor working environment exposes me to a lot of dirt and grease, making my skin feel very sticky at the end of each day. On top of that, I have naturally oily skin, making it an ideal ground for pimples and acne growth. A friend introduced me to Thyme Genki Facial Treatment, and to my delight, the first treatment left me with visible results! Now, my friends praise that I have the best complexion among them.”

Can I clear post-pregnancy stretch marks?

Satisfied customer shares her experience
Sandy Chua, 38
Experienced slimming problems for 2 years

“After child birth, I noticed stretch marks in my tummy and tried hard to get rid of them but to no avail. I was often distress as I could not return to my pre-pregnancy clothes. I decided to seek help at Thyme where they use pure natural techniques to slim down healthily. Today, I look slimmer with no signs of stretch marks – just like before pregnancy!”

How can I get rid of cellulite?

Satisfied customer shares her experience
Serine Lee, 33
Experienced slimming problems for X years

“I used to eat a lot and sit for long hours at work, causing unsightly cellulite on my buttocks and thighs. It made me think a lot about the clothes I choose to wear, that’s when I decided to try Thyme Genki Slimming Treatment – and was amazed with the results! After the first treatment, my skin noticeably became tighter and smoother with lesser cellulite visible.”

How can I protect sensitive skin?

Satisfied customer shares her experience
Grace Tan, 35
Experienced skin problems from 18 years old

“My skin is naturally oily and tend to develop acne problems. I tried different treatments which only worsened my situation as I have very sensitive skin. Then, I chanced upon Thyme Genki Facial Treatment and gave it a try because of their 100% pure natural approach. With just the first treatment, I experience a clearer, more mangeable and younger looking skin!”

What can I do to stop acne?

Satisfied customer shares her experience
Cindy Low, 26
Experienced skin problems for 4 years

“I get a lot of stress at work and apply make-up daily for presentation purpose. These factors have elevated problems to my oily skin, causing blackheads, pimples and acne outbreaks even in my back. A trial Genki SPA Treatment at Thyme left me with immediate and noticeable results, hence, I returned for subsequent treatments. Now, my skin is brighter, softer and smoother!”