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a. Wax
Waxing is considered to be the most effective method for removing unwanted hairs from practically any part of the body. Waxing is the epilating method which ensures complete removal of hair shafts from underneath surface of the skin. Waxing is also one of the long lasting temporary hair removal methods.
Wax Upper Lip 15 mins RM 38.00
Wax Under Arm 30 mins RM 48.00
Wax Half Arm 30 mins RM 68.00
Wax Half Leg 30 mins RM 88.00
Wax Bikini 30 mins RM 88.00
Wax Full Arm 30 mins RM 148.00
Wax Bikini Line 30 mins RM 158.00
Wax Full Leg 30 mins RM 158.00

b. Others
It can give you a well groomed appearance and will accentuate your eyes.
Eyebrow Shaping 30 mins RM 10.00

Eyelash perming is an aesthetic procedure that permanently curls the eyelashes upward. This creates a look of youth and eliminates the need for daily eyelash curling.
Eyelash Perming 30 mins RM 48.00
c. Advance Detox Tool
Detoxifies and burns fat, speeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients.
Hot Blanket Infra Red Wrap 30 mins RM 98.00

Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons etc. Improves the immune system and prevents growth of cancer cells.
Energy House 30 mins RM 98.00

The cavitation is designed to target fatty tissues beneath the skin only, and does not affect the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues.
Cavitations 20 mins RM 280.00