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Genkilogy Therapy

{ Truly Malaysian Massage }
“More than 100,000 customers from worldwide had experience the amazing result of Genkilogy Therapy.”
Over the years, Thyme’s professional team has been research in the combination with Oriental Medicine and Western philosophy in Genkilogy to have the best recuperate body condition from inner to outer.
Over the years, Thyme’s research team develops a unique tool like hand, which made by purple clay and named as “Genki Tool”. Ergonomic design of “Genki tool” contains large amount of natural microscopic elements promote optimum beauty , slimming and health effects.

Genkilogy Treatment is combination of the unique made Genki tool + energy essential oil + professional hand massage, helps to detoxify toxin, reduce muscle pain, release tension, enhance body immune system and improve body’s hormonal balancing system.

Meanwhile balanced nutritional supplement allows the body to get enough nourishment to promote cell activity, regeneration, from the inner to outer to let the body achieve the best results.

More than 100,000 customers from worldwide had experience amazing result of Genkilogy therapy. Immediate results can see after the treatment, either from the appearance from inner to outer. Genkilogy emphasized on hand touching and connection with customer, therefore machine and chemical component tools are prohibited.

Thyme always ensure customer enjoy the treatment safely, effectively, and long last results.

Genkilogy Health Benefit

• Enhance your circulation, metabolism & lymphatic flow
• Repair damage cell
• Eliminate body ache
• Reduce migraine problem
• Insomnia
• Women health related disease
• Constipation
• Menstrual problem
• Improve ovarian function

• Pigmentation problem
• Antioxidant
• Anti aging
• Reduce wrinkle
• Whitening
• Reduce Eye Bag
• Reduce Double Chin
• Rejenuvate, nourish and detoxify
• Tone the facial muscles

• Reduce Cellulite
• Leg and hip shaping
• Arm shaping
• Breast Lift, Firming
• Restore radiance and brightness

Primary Respond after Genkilogy Treatment
- Feel sleepy, thirsty, frequent urine, fart, feel heat from body, tired, muscle pain, bruises, itchy, skin peeling, hair dandruff increase, headache, dizziness.
- Symptom or respond show that is a good feedback from body, our body can gradually identify differences.
- Our therapist will explain to your health condition, suggest best designed treatment and inform primary respond or reflect from body.

Suggested Treatment Period
One full treatment complete in 3 month.
First month one / twice per week
Second month two week per once
Third month three week per times
Complement period: First month once or twice.
Our professional therapist will provide customer best suit solution and achieve optimum result.

Genkilogy Therapy Menu

Divine Genki Back Therapy
Relieve soreness waist, backache, high tension, enhance body’s immune system, reduce migraine & headache, resolve insomnia issue and eliminate nervous disorder.

Divine Genki Head & Shoulder Therapy
Reduces shoulder & neck pain, relieve stiff neck, improve quality of sleep and reduces numbness of arm.

Divine Genki Ear Candling Therapy
Clears wax & debris from the ear canal, Relieves pressure from behind the eardrum,
Sharpens mental functions, vision, hearing, taste & color perception, Eases earache, headache, sinus pressure & allergies, Relaxation from the negative charge of the herbal smoke, Acts as a catalyst to clear nerve endings & promote healing.

Divine Full Genki Meridian Therapy
Deep penetration through full body dredging of meridians to unblock blood vessels, nourishes internal organ cells, to achieve skin rejuvenation from the inside out, strengthen immune system and enhance anti-senility.

Delightful Genki Uterus Therapy
Reduces menopause symptoms, alleviates menstrual pain, regulates menstruation, prevent menstrual cramp and vaginal dryness.

Delightful Genki Bust Therapy
Resolves sagging breast, flat breast, breast outer expansion, breast atrophy, uneven breast, promote blood circulation, prevent breast cancer, improves elasticity and firmness.

Dainty Genki Abdominal Therapy
Improves digestive system, constipation, trim excess fat at waist, tummy and
diminishes cellulite.

Dainty Genki Arm Therapy
Resolves arm sagging, fat arm, improves elasticity and firmness.

Dainty Genki Thigh Therapy
Diminishes cellulites, buttock sagging, elimination of edema and thigh fat.

Delicate Genki Eye Therapy
Reduces puffy eyes, eye bag and reduces dark circles.

Delicate Genki Face Therapy
Reduces freckles, dark circle, puffy face, tighten and lift up face and resolves uneven
skin tone.

Signature Genki Face Therapy
Boost skin cell regeneration with whitening effects.