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About Thyme

A unique and well established wellness center that emphasized health care between inner & outer beauty.

• Malaysia Unique Genki tool
• Malaysia Truly Genkilogy Massage
• Full Hand Skill Based Massage and Therapy

More than 100,000 customers from worldwide had experience Genkilogy therapy. Since year 2000, Thyme persisted to promote the most natural way of beauty, health and weight-loss, and also educate the customer to ‘Detox, Coordinate, Complement’ concept (Detoxification, Conditioning and Maintenance) to prevent everyone suffering from diseases of civilization.

Genkilogy Therapy requires no beauty equipment for a safe and natural treatment. Thyme products are free from uncertified ingredients, artificial colorings and fragrances or animal hormones with no adverse side effects.


Year 2000
Opened first salon at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah and known as Zen Beauty. Operate as natural beauty salon.

Year 2002
Transformation from beauty salon into health preservation, beauty and Spa.

Year 2004
Shifted to Nusa Bestari and known as Thyme Spa.Year 2006.
Introduction of Auraqua Premium Product into Thyme Spa.
Established Research and Development Department for natural health therapy.

Year 2010
First branch established at Taman Century.
Introduction of Genki therapy as signature treatment.
Established Training Department with full time professional trainer.

Year 2011
Second branch established at Taman Molek and third branch established at Taman Sutera.

Year 2013
Corporate culture. Awarded 2013 Asia Honesty Enterprise
2013 Asia Honesty Entrepreneur
2013 Asia Honesty Product
2013 Asia TOP 100 Brands

Year 2014
Awarded 2014 ICA International Corporate Award.
Obtaining License of Franchise Malaysia.

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Our Vision, Mission, Value & Signature Therapy

Become an international preeminent brand in health preservation, Spa and beauty industry.

Provide professional personnel training and promote natural therapy in a state of greatest body, soul and mind healthy and charming.

Unity and Mutual Benefit, Passionate and Contribute, Integrity and Responsibility, Professional and Progressive.

Signature Therapy
Thyme Signature Therapy named as Genkilogy Therapy, with perfect combination of Unique Made Genki Tool + Energy Essential Oil + Professional Hand Massage. These combination functions as detox toxin, help our own body to release a natural sedative to reduce the muscle pain and release the tension, so the immune system will have a better function. The essential oils carry the plants ‘life force energy’ and transfer this energy and its healing properties to the end user.

Thyme’s Premium Products

Integrity and authenticity paired with professional ethics are key principals for spa products and treatment development in our daily operations. In this given framework of a holistic approach we integrate for leading body, facial and health brands as our products.
“Premium products been introduced into Thyme to work in conjunction with the renowned therapy to give the ultimate result for customer.”

The Natural Skin Food
Auraqua has developed a natural skin care line that helps your body regain its natural glow. Superior nutrition and support of your body’s own healing mechanisms are key to healthier and younger-looking skin.
Auraqua formulas are derived from only the finest botanical ingredients, and designed to feed your skin at the cellular level with the purest, cleanest, most highly effective natural foods, for deepest and best result of rejuvenation, repair and protection. Available in 3 Major Series:

The Inner Care Supplement
SoulGood is a supplement brand that provide total inner care, the research team utilized variety formulation from variety country to formulate best suit product for our target customer.
By using Auraqua premium products and Thyme therapy together with SoulGood premium supplements, it can boost up the ultimate amazing result for the customer.

Thyme Educare

Thyme also established own education center, Thyme Educare. The purpose for Thyme Educare are create more employment, educate more young generic about body wellness and Yang Sheng 养生knowledge.
In current society, human life style changed, such as restless, insomnia, obesity, stress and high blood pressure. These threat causes aging skin, improper circulation within body, sensitive or more serious problem. The only main factor is because our body content toxin, it can threat our health if these toxin not eliminate, study showed that cancer or tumor came from these toxin.