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Want to lose weight the natural way?
Can’t curb addictive food cravings?

An overweight reading on scale may be the cause of heavy muscles or bones in your body. However, if you have significant chunk of fat in the thighs, arms and waist, you may be suffering a more serious condition known as obesity. Chinese meridian theory can help you identify the imbalance in your body, correct it and assist in healthy weight loss.


Concerned about saggy
breast and cellulite?
Suffering from severe
cramps and pains?

* Feel droopy, unattractive and embarrassed in the clothes that you put on? Understand your breast problems through Chinese meridian theory to feel more confident and desirable.
* Psychophysiological pressures from pre-menstrual or post-partum syndromes should not restrict your daily activities. Manage your uterine health problems by seeking safe, natural treatment that can help you manage your uterine health problems.


Flustered by facial scars and imperfections?
Confronted by acne and wrinkling skin?

Generally, a wound or injury will heal without scarring. However, if blood circulation is poor or lymph vessels are damaged during the healing process, scars will form on your skin. This is usually a result of heat toxins and waste accumulated beneath your skin. Clear away these heat toxins by Chinese meridian treatment to reveal a brighter, younger looking you.


Having headaches and muscular pains?
Struggling with sleep and bowel problems?

Ever felt weak and visited the doctors only to be told that they find nothing wrong with you? If so, you could be suffering from a critical abnormal state of health known as sub-health. Chinese meridian theory can help you identify the cause of your sub-health, detect early potential illness and prevent yourself from becoming seriously ill by improving your immunity.